TMJ Relief

Roll-On TMJ Symptom Relief

Great for these symptoms:

Jaw Tenderness

Patients with TMJ have temporomandibular joint pain. Jaw tenderness and pain are among the most common symptoms of TMJ. These can range from mild annoyances to debilitating pain.

Facial Aches

Aching around the ears, jaws and facial area are symptoms of TMJ. The aches are usually accompanied by other symptoms and can range from dull to more severe pain. TMJ pain has also been known to cause headaches.

Painful Chewing

Patients may have difficulty chewing or swallowing if they are dealing with TMJ. It is not uncommon for patients to avoid hard foods. Patients, especially those with severe cases, may experience “locked” jaws.

Typical Treatments

  • In most cases over-the-counter pain relievers can help, but some severe cases require stronger pain medications or muscle relaxants. Both come with a variety of negative side effects.
  • Oral splints and physical therapy are alternatives for more sever cases, and both can be uncomfortable and time-consuming.
  • Some cases may require injections to help relax the jaw muscles. Extreme cases require surgery.

Natural Treatment

TMJ Relief Roll-on
  • Contains ZERO potentially harmful chemicals and additives.
  • A quick and easy option that does not require trips to a physical therapist or wearing a painful device.
  • Does not carry the same dependency as prescription painkillers or muscle relaxants.
  • Has been approved and lab-tested for efficacy.
TMJ relief

TMJ Relief Roll-on

Suffering from TMJ? Try our renowned TMJ Relief Roll-On, the product of choice for our patients. This specially designed product targets the Temporomandibular Joint — the source of pain for TMJ sufferers. The CBD permeates the skin, allowing for immediate and targeted pain relief. Use our roll-on as an alternative to over-the-counter or prescription pain medication without the negative side effects.

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