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As a dental professional, you know the importance of routine dental work. Patient anxiety and pain results in postponed or canceled appointments – leading to increased pain and anxiety in the future. Make the right choice for your office with Canna Botanical Dentistry products.


Up to 20% of the population* deals with dental anxiety. The result? Missed appointments and long-term dental health issues. CBD for dentistry can help. We’ve compiled helpful information about the use of CBD products in the dental industry and how they can benefit your patients.


Our dental relief products are created to help patients decrease suffering from discomfort or dental-related anxiety. Choose from a selection of CBD for dentistry products that directly target pain and reduce common dental anxiety symptoms.

CBD for Dentistry - Whitepaper

Who we are

Canna Botanical Dentistry was founded by a team of doctors and medical professionals who believe the medicinal compounds found in CBD for dentistry can revolutionize the practice of medicine. We are committed to providing pharmaceutical-grade, third-party independent-lab-tested products, which contain 0% THC and have the most effective formulations of cannabinoids available. Our products are designed and tested for specific dental uses to provide maximum effectiveness.


from the most common types of stress and pain associated with dental visits

Offer your clients peace of mind by alleviating the most common types of stress and pain associated with dental visits. Try the appointment packs to increase patient comfort and overall satisfaction. Your patients will thank you.

CBD for Dentistry - Appointment Pack

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