Dental Anxiety Relief

Avoiding the Dentist

Patients with dental anxiety have been known to avoid the dentist, even when it’s not in their best interest. While this may seem like the least aggressive of symptoms, it can lead to serious complications in the future like tooth disease, gum disease, non-oral diseases and infections.

Visible Distress

Some patients may experience physical distress and anxiety when facing an upcoming dentist appointment. This could include things like shaking, crying and excess volume. Other less obvious signs include sweating, change in behavior and exacerbated emotions.

Low Blood Pressure

In some cases, patients may experience low blood pressure as a result of dental anxiety. This can result in health complications or syncope, brought on by extreme anxiety and possibly exacerbated due to underlying conditions.

Typical Treatments

  • Anti-anxiety medications are one of the most commonly prescribed treatments for dental anxiety. These medications can damage the liver, be habit-forming and have other negative side effects.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy is another common treatment for dental anxiety. This is time-consuming and costly.
  • Relative analgesia is yet another typical treatment for dental anxiety. While effective at reducing anxiety, many patients don’t like the “high” feeling it causes.

Natural Treatment

Dental Anxiety Relief
  • Products containing CBD do not typically carry the same habit-forming chemicals that traditional treatments involve.
  • Our dental anxiety pack is a three-step process that starts the night before.
  • CBD does not cause a “high.” Instead of making people feel a certain way, it has been described as not having a specific feeling. The impact is subtle but effective.

Dental Anxiety Relief

The relief pack is a simple three-step process containing three CBD softgels. Patients take the Rest CBD pill the night before their dental appointment. Rest contains CBD with a therapeutic dose of Melatonin to assist the patients in fallaing and staying asleep the night before their stressful procedure. delete:[to get a good’s night sleep.] The second softgel, Relax, is designed to take the morning of the appointment, to increase the levels of bioavailable CBD in your patients system. to boost ease pre-appointment jitters and ensure a calmer and more relaxing visit. The final softgel, Recover, is taken after the dental procedure to continue to increase bioavailable CBD in the patient while also providing a therapeutic dose of Curcumin to assist with post operative pain and inflammation. This powerful combination can help alleviate your patients anxiety while helping them to sleep better and deal with pain and inflammation.

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